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You Can’t Always Be There But Wireless Nurse call system Can

The next generation of Wireless Nurse Call System or Ecall is here to protect residents in case of emergency. Safety for seniors has always ranked at the very top of every residents’ family when selecting a facility. Give yourself an edge by incorporating the latest technology and trends in servicing mobile and tech savvy seniors.


Our first level offering provides you with a cost effective, rapid deployment of wireless call points in a self contained RF and/or Hybrid (Ultrasonic) network. Location is limited to the room and associated bathroom and is not meant to be a mobile duress solution but a localized wireless ecall.

Wireless Nurse Call Transmission
Wireless Nurse Call Transmission


Our second level of service leverages the power of Inovonics UL 2560 component certification that ensures 99.99% alarm message delivery and timely identification of missing devices. Driven by advanced XTendCall AI and algorithms, this wireless nurse call solution delivers reliable wireless pendant performance throughout your property and gives accurate location through our robust Location Based Services (LBS).


Our ultimate level of service involves the convergence of best in class software to provide not only resident safety but also operational excellence by extending capabilities with our MobileX app. Additional integrations to EHRs and 3rd party systems, creates the ultimate workflow engine for optimal resident and staff satisfaction but also creates additional revenue opportunities.

Wireless Nurse Call SAAS


Save time
Leverage over a quarter century of experience in the senior living market. Our experienced and certified partners will guide you to achieve your goals.
Save Money
Our solution is wireless, which reduces installation time and infrastructure costs. Implementation can be staged one floor, one wing or one room at the time. This will minimize disruption for staff and residents.
Open Platform
Our solutions are software-centric and we integrate with leading healthcare technologies. We can leverage your existing systems and offer best in class wireless Ecall. Our evolving list of integrations ensures that you will stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends
XtendCall - Integration & Mobile Platform


MobileX improves workplace productivity. From a single app, you can enable connectivity and manage events/alarms not only from your wireless Ecall but also from 3rd party systems such as security, communications, fire alarm, PMS, EHR and many others. MobileX is BYOD ready and is available on Google Play and the Apple store.

Apple IOS button
Apple IOS button
XtendCall - For Senior Care
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