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SECURalert Releases Its Rapid Response Wireless Nurse Call Kit to Answer COVID-19 Demands

SECURalert by Nordicom Inc. has been responding to increasing demand for field Wireless Nurse Call kits in order to facilitate COVID-19 patients’ requests for assistance in hospital hallways, field hospitals, converted hotels and other temporary areas.

With 27 years of experience deploying solutions in hospitals, SECURalert offers literally an out-of-the-box, pre-programmed solution that requires no assembly or cabling other than one electrical power outlet for the central station.

Calls are placed via portable, traditional, germ-wipeable call cords or wireless transmitters affixed to the bed via a carabiner clip. The central station displays incoming patient calls in sequence with an audible tone. Wireless Code Blue stations can also be deployed in strategic areas.

No antennas or additional hardware is required to locate calls initiated from various temporary locations or triage areas. SECURalert can create wireless zones if equipment needs to be moved, hence indicating the right area of a call in open spaces. This self-contained solution does not require any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular connectivity of any kind.

Notification of alerts can be extended to additional audible and visual fixed or mobile devices such as monitors, pagers, two-way radios, cell phones and many others.

About SECURalert

SECURalert has been designing, testing and manufacturing RF solutions since 1993. The company is deploying its solutions globally through a growing network of resellers. In 1997, the company added a new wireless duress solution to its line of paging systems and communication platforms. In a quest to achieve 100% location accuracy, Luc Harbour, our CTO, studied and developed the first RF/Ultrasonic Hybrid Solution. The mesh network was created which led to the first generation of SECURalert Wireless Duress Solutions.

Historically, most markets addressed by SECURalert were publicly funded, with little or no budget. The company became obsessed with cost reduction and especially minimizing disruption and installation time. In 2010 the second generation was born. More than 92% of first-generation SECURalert solutions are still operational today, 20 years later.

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